Castle Green 2021

A truly unique FREE experience

This year we have on offer a truly incredible 'feel good' line up....Pilates, Qi Gong, Yoga all of which is completely free for you to enjoy on the spectacular setting of Castle Green. The only thing you will have to dip into your pennies for is a delicious refreshment from our local 'Sugar and Slice' quirky caravan which will be serving coffees, teas, homemade cakes and much more.

Who has made this possible?

You did!!!

The people of Shaftesbury who came to Castle Green 2020 gave such amazing feedback that Shaftesbury Town Council will be supporting Castle Green 2021event. The weekly events will enabl the people of Shaftesbury (and beyond) to come together regardless of age, gender, race or background.


This year we are so excited to have the added support of Shaftesbury's Blackmore Vale Surgery, we are working closely with the surgery so we can spread the word together, raise the profile and share how the event can provide huge benefits to your health and well being. 

Castle Green 2021 - Dream Team

Drawing together on years of experience through their own practices the deam delivering Castle Green 2021 are three of the most authentic, compassionate and smiley human beings you have the pleasure in meeting. Each session has been carefully created to connect with all ages and abilities to share tools and knowledge of how to find an ease of movement in your body and in space of peace within your mind.

So Lets Meet The Team.........................


PILATES ~ 9.00 - 10.00

`Hi I'm Vivienne and I am looking forward to welcoming you to Castle Green 2021 for a Pilates session.  


Book now if you are new to the Pilates technique or if you are experienced!  Every opportunity we experience can bring about new experiences.  These sessions will not be "hard core" and if you can move - you can join in.  


I shall be bringing you exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and presenting them in a traditional way AND and some not so traditional.  The emphasis will be on Movement - helping to bring quality and ease of movement into your bodies because - you don't want just to be good at Pilates - you need to be good at Movement.  I have been teaching Pilates since 2004.  As well as being a fitness instructor, exercise to music teacher I am also a therapeutic massage therapist and reiki practitioner.  Your body is Amazing - come along to these sessions and experience how good moving can feel.  

Bring your curiosity and be prepared to think a little differently!


You will need a mat and perhaps a cushion for some support and to help align your body.  We will be doing both standing and on the ground exercises.

Who knows what the weather will be - bring layers, coats, hats, sunscreen - come prepared for the wonderful diversity of our summer.  And don't forget your water!  Hydrated bodies function so much better.


Places for any of the three classes will be booked quickly - so just click the button and book your choice!  Maybe try a different discipline each week?


If you have any questions before booking regarding the Pilates session - you can contact Vivienne by phone or text on 07761451656

QI GONG ~ 10.30 - 11.30

Hi   Denise and Lin here  - we are really happy to be able to share some Qigong with you this summer at Castle Green.

Qigong is an  amazing tradition of exercise and healing. It originates in China and  dates back thousands of years. Tai Chi has some of its roots in Qigong and we use elements from both in our practise. Almost anyone can do Qigong  and it  is even better when done as part of a group!  

The movements are slow and  gentle and we focus on elements  that can lead to the greatest improvements in our overall health – posture, breathing and above all relaxation!  Qigong is great for strength, balance and flexibility – but many people are surprised by just how calm  and energised they feel after a class. It is a great way to rest the mind and destress.   

 If you haven't exercised in a while or perhaps need  a less strenuous form of exercise, then Qigong might be  a good option for you to try.  Classes  are performed standing and you won't have to kneel or go down onto the floor. No special sports wear is required – just flat, comfortable  shoes and clothing in which you can move freely. 

Remember, the classes are completely free So if you haven't experienced Qigong before , why not book a session and give it a try?  We look forward to meeting  you on Castle Green!

Yoga - 12.00 - 13.00
Hi I'm Kirsty and I can't wait to take you through the Castle Green Yoga classes of 2021! Last year I had the honour of leading the yoga classes on the Green and shared with you laughter, big similes and beautiful moments of pure peace, a time I will never forget. So if you haven't yet experienced Castle Green Yoga this is what to expect......classes never start like a 'normal' yoga class. We will take time to waken bodies and minds with light-hearted movement and time to have some fun - after all, there is plenty to celebrate being part of a free yoga session in one of the most beautiful places in the country! 

I will then be guided through an easy to follow sequence of flowing movement to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Specific yoga postures will be explored to bring a sense of spaciousness, fluidity and strength to your body. Focused breathing techniques will invite your mind to follow the sensations within your body and bring you into a state of stillness. Here, you can simply be. 

To finish, you will experience an incredible guided relaxation so you fully restore your mind and body and feel ready to rejoin the world a happier, calmer version of yourself.  

Each session has time afterwards so you can chat to your instructor and spend some time with like minded human beings in a space of true well being. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, overlooking the most beautiful view in Shaftesbury, what could be better?..... Perhaps having somewhere to get a delicious coffee/tea and a homemade cake?...well this year we are so excited to have Sugar and Slice doing just that and more!! Chloe from Sugar and Slice will be offering a range of hot/cold drinks and a mouthwatering selection of homemade treats  from her beautifully converted vintage caravan, with a few table and chairs so you can enjoy a well earned rest!